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Unwavering Commitment to Quality

In the expansive realm of cooling solutions, one name shines brighter than the rest, a beacon of excellence, durability, and innovation – Raj Cooling System Pvt Ltd. Established in 2006, Raj Cooling began its journey with modest origins as a cooling tower and roof sheet unit. Yet, through steadfast dedication and unwavering commitment, it has swiftly risen to prominence, emerging as the undisputed industry leader in the FRP Air cooler segment, catering to domestic, industrial, and cooling tower applications.

Nestled in the bustling city of Rajkot, India, Raj Cooling has scripted a remarkable narrative, marked by a relentless pursuit of quality and unwavering customer satisfaction. Guided by the visionary leadership of its founder, Mr. Kalpesh Patel, and propelled forward by the dynamic duo of Mr. Harshad Sorthiya and his son, Jaimin Patel, Raj Cooling has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation and performance.

Why Raj Cooling Leads in Technology and Quality

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What truly sets Raj Cooling apart is its unyielding commitment to quality. Each product bearing the Raj Cooling insignia embodies enduring strength, captivating aesthetics, and flawless functionality. This dedication to quality has not only earned Raj Cooling global acclaim but also garnered prestigious accolades such as the Best 5000 MSME Award and distinguished industry performance recognition.

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With a sprawling manufacturing plant spanning over 6,00,000 square feet in Rajkot, and another significant facility in Ahmedabad, Raj Cooling operates at the vanguard of technological advancement. Bolstered by in-house design studios, cutting-edge R&D facilities, and rigorous product testing, Raj ensures that every offering surpasses the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Raj’s accolades further underscore its unparalleled success. The coveted Best 500 brand MSME Award in 2022 and the prestigious IBA International Business Awards in 2023 serve as testaments to its unparalleled excellence and industry leadership. Yet, Raj Cooling’s saga of triumph doesn’t conclude there. In 2024, the company unveiled the groundbreaking Weather Twister series, further amplifying its focus on the industrial air cooling segment.

Raj was awarded the coveted Best 500 brand MSME in the year 2022

Buoyed by its accomplishments, Raj Cooling has embarked on an ambitious expansion spree, establishing new manufacturing plants in Bangalore and Faridabad. This strategic move solidifies its stature as a national powerhouse in the cooling solutions market. At the core of Raj Cooling’s ethos lies a simple yet profound value – no compromise with quality. This ethos permeates every facet of the company’s operations, from product ideation to customer service.

As Raj Cooling System Pvt Ltd charts its trajectory towards the future, its vision remains unequivocal – to ascend as a national brand synonymous with excellence. With a projected turnover of 600 crores by 2030 and the lion’s share of the cooling systems market nationwide, Raj aspires to redefine the benchmarks of excellence. In a world where quality reigns supreme, Raj Cooling System Pvt Ltd stands tall as an emblem of reliability, innovation, and customer-centricity. With its unwavering commitment to quality and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Raj Cooling continues to elevate the standards in the cooling solutions industry.


As Raj Cooling System moves forward, it remains dedicated to redefining industry standards with innovative cooling solutions.

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