Shivolex SL1204AG

Product Code : SL1204AG

Robust Cooling Power

The Shivolex SL1204AG is equipped with a powerful 0.25 HP single phase motor that provides robust cooling even during peak summer heat. The 1350 RPM motor rapidly circulates cool air to lower temperatures quickly and effectively.

Wide Air Distribution

With a large 19" axial fan, the Shivolex cooler evenly distributes air across medium to large rooms up to 600 sq. ft. The wide airflow reach ensures every corner of the room experiences cooling comfort.

Energy Efficient Operation

The aluminium winding motor is durable and optimizes energy consumption. The 190W power rating allows 5 hours of usage per 1 unit of electricity. This results in cost savings for consumers.

Multi-directional Airflow

The oscillating louvers provide multi-directional airflow by automatically changing direction. This enables uniform air circulation throughout the room.

Technical Specifications