Product Code : SP130

Defeating Heatwaves

The Senapati 26 isn't just an air cooler – it's a heatwave warrior. Forget wimpy fans that sputter against summer's wrath. This powerhouse boasts a single-phase, three-speed motor that unleashes a mighty 11350 M3/H of airflow, transforming even sweltering spaces into cool oases. So, crank it up and witness the Senapati 26 turn scorching days into breezy bliss.

Anywhere Refreshment

Skip the air conditioner's rigid grip and embrace the Senapati 26's portable freedom. It's compact and lightweight, rolling effortlessly on sturdy casters to wherever you need a fix. Whether you're battling kitchen heat while whipping up a feast or transforming your patio into a getaway, the Senapati 26 is your trusty companion.

Efficient Comfort Solution

The Senapati 26 isn't just cooling, it's smart cooling. It delivers powerful airflow while sipping energy like a hummingbird savoring nectar. First-level energy efficiency certification means you can stay cool without breaking the bank. So, ditch the guilt trip that comes with skyrocketing bills and embrace the savings of the Senapati 26.

Technical Specifications