Product Code : MR125

Powerful Cooling Coverage

The Maharathi 20 packs a punch when it comes to cooling power. Its single-phase, three-speed motor generates up to 8560 M3/H of airflow, enough to transform even large rooms and outdoor spaces into cooling retreats. Whether you're battling the heat in your living room, keeping cool at your next backyard gathering, or seeking cooling comfort in your workshop, the Maharathi 20 delivers.

Cooling that Saves You Money

Staying cool shouldn't cost a fortune. The Maharathi 20 is designed with energy efficiency in mind, boasting first-level energy efficiency certification. This means it delivers powerful cooling while consuming minimal energy, helping you save money on your electricity bills without sacrificing cooling comfort.

Long-Lasting Cooling

Say goodbye to frequent refills and enjoy uninterrupted cooling. The Maharathi 20 comes equipped with a spacious 125-liter water tank, allowing it to deliver hours of cooling without needing constant attention. Fill it up, turn it on, and relax – the Maharathi 20 will keep you cool and comfortable for extended periods.

Technical Specifications