Product Code : KB125

Powerful Chill

Say goodbye to lukewarm air circulation. The Khalibali 20 boasts a single-phase, three-speed motor that generates up to 8560 M3/H of airflow. That's enough to transform even the hottest spaces into cool breezes retreats, whether it's your living room, bedroom, or stuffy office cubicle.

Direct Cool Breeze

No more battling uneven cooling. The Khalibali 20's adjustable louvers let you direct the cool breeze precisely where you need it most. Feeling a hot spot by the window? Simply angle the louvers towards it and bask in the cool breeze!

Stay Cool for Longer

The Khalibali 20 isn't just about instant cool breeze bursts. Its impressive 125-liter water tank keeps the cool breeze flowing for hours on end, eliminating the need for frequent refills. So, settle in for a movie marathon, host a backyard party, or work comfortably through the day – the Khalibali 20 has your cool breeze needs covered.

Technical Specifications