Product Code : Rc48

Beat the Heat, Boost Productivity

Say goodbye to stifling summer days and sluggish workers with the Big Fan. This industrial powerhouse cranks out a cool 38,000 cubic meters of airflow per hour, covering up to 500 square meters like a refreshing breeze. Imagine your warehouse transformed from a sweaty sauna into a comfortable haven, with employees energized and focused, thanks to the Big Fan's powerful cooling blast.

One Fan, Endless Possibilities

The Big Fan's versatility is as impressive as its power. From sprawling factories to sweltering greenhouses, from livestock barns to open-air festivals, this cooling champion adapts to any space that needs a temperature reset. No need for a fleet of flimsy fans – the Big Fan conquers heat wherever it goes, making it the one-stop solution for all your industrial cooling needs.

Built to Last, Built for You

Forget flimsy plastic fans that whimper and die at the first sign of a tough job. The Big Fan is engineered with heavy-duty materials and a robust design that thrives in harsh industrial environments. Its sturdy construction laughs in the face of dust, grime, and even the occasional wayward forklift, ensuring years of reliable performance.

Technical Specifications