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Company Profile

Company Profile

Name RAJ is a full form of “Refreshing Air Journey”, Air which is sucked by the cooling pads has little droplets of water and while passing through propeller, it blows with the highest velocity along with capturing the coolness. When these water droplets strike with a body, it make us feel better. Here, Air we feel having some new incarnation. Our slogan “Refreshing Air Journey” totally fulfills this phenomenon.

R = Reliability , A = Amazingness , J = Jubilance

Since 2006 in the field of industry, we always tried to achieve the Best Quality Standards, High Engineered Design and Excellence Services. our reliablity of the service and products are Highly Appriciated by our Clients, Dealers and Customers.

As we always look for better and better designs which helps improve Our Quality and Attractive look of the product. to be amazing in the Product, Production, Reasearch and Services is our ethics, which comes from experiance.

For us, Jubilance is what makes you happier after giving a great satisfaction to the customer doesn’t matter how small or big Inquiry is, we are always committed for our goal which remains in the Earliest Fulfilment of the Inquiry, Delievery and Service by giving our best.


We are giving you total transparency in the business Relations & Products.


Our quality refers hard work, improvements, service which is what our quality is.


We have a R&D Department working for Innovative Solutions and Fascinating creativity

Enhancing quality of human life and making industrial growth easier

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