30000 CMH

RCSPL 30000

Product Code : 30000 CMH

RCSPL 30000

The RCSPL 30000 is a high-performance industrial air cooler designed for large-scale cooling applications. With an impressive airflow of 30000 m3/h, this cooler can effectively cool an area of 150-200 m2. The axial fan ensures efficient air distribution, while the 3.0kw power ensures powerful cooling performance. Despite its high capacity, the noise level is maintained at 79dB, providing a comfortable environment for industrial settings.

RCSPL 30000

Needless to say, the ergonomic sizing makes it suitable for installations in various spaces. It features a water tank with a capacity of 30 litres, allowing for continuous cooling without frequent refills. The cooling pad size (840+30)860100mm ensures optimal cooling efficiency. A water consumption rate of 15-20 L/h provides effective and refreshing cooling for extended periods.

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