18000 CMH

RCSPL 18000

Product Code : 18000 CMH

RCSPL 18000

An impressive industrial air cooler designed to revolutionize your cooling experience. With its exceptional performance and user-friendly features, this air cooler is a game-changer for factories and industries. This cooler comes with a powerful airflow of 18000 m3/h, ensuring efficient cooling throughout your space. Its top/down air discharge design and axial fan guarantee optimal air distribution, creating a refreshing and comfortable environment.

RCSPL 18000

Whether you have a large factory floor or an expansive industrial space, this air cooler will deliver consistent and effective cooling to keep your workforce productive and comfortable. Secondly, this air cooler prioritizes convenience and customization.

RCSPL 18000

With the frequency inverter system or single-speed controller, you have full control over the speed, allowing you to tailor the cooling environment according to your needs. Whether you require a gentle breeze for delicate processes or a stronger airflow for intense heat conditions, the RCSPL 18000 offers the versatility to adapt to your requirements effortlessly.

Moreover, the RCSPL 18000 excels in energy efficiency.  Operating at a power of 1.1/1.5 kW maximizes cooling performance while minimizing energy consumption. This helps reduce operational costs and aligns with sustainable practices, making it an eco-friendly choice for your industrial cooling needs.

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